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Classic London

Great for a first-time visitor to London. Wanna see all the really famous bits in one morning? Let's do it! We'll start off in the heart of royal London, see if the king's at home in Buckingham Palace, catch the pelicans in St. James' Park, and pass by Westminster Abbey and Big Ben.

This tour is wheelchair-accessible.

The Tower of London

Surely the most famous castle in the world! This is where the King keeps the crowns that sit on his head, and where queens like Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard have lost their heads. We'll get to see how castles and knights worked, and we'll meet its famous inhabitants- beefeaters and ravens!

The Tower is only partially accessible by wheelchair.

The British Library

This is one for bookworms! The British Library has handwritten notes and manuscripts from almost every British writer you can think of, from Geoffrey Chaucer to Oscar Wilde; and incredible historical documents like Magna Carta! This tour will take you through the very best of the over 200 million objects in the Library's collection.

This tour is wheelchair-accessible.

How To Read A Painting

The National Gallery is the UK's national collection of Western art, telling the whole story of painting in Western Europe from the 13th century until 1900. We're going to see paintings by Michaelangelo, Van Gogh and Manet and figure out what on earth they're about. A tour for those who wish they'd paid attention in Art History class.

This tour is wheelchair-accessible.

Natural History Museum

The one with the dinosaurs! The Natural History Museum is one of the greatest collections in the world for everything natural- not just Stegosauruses and Ichthyosaurs, but blue whales, dodos, and even a piece of the Moon. My only tour to span 4.5 billion years!

This tour is wheelchair-accessible.

Votes For Women

In 1890, the idea of women voting seemed a dangerous absurdity. Just thirty years later, we had our first female MP. Find out how our courageous sisters did it in this tour through Westminster, the heart of state power. Would you have done what they did?

This tour is wheelchair-accessible.

Spitalfields & Street Art

Spitalfields has been played host to some of the best stories London has ever seen.  We'll descend into a medieval bone house, meet the Jewish bakers who threw themselves a parade, and even dodge the notorious Jack the Ripper. We'll finish up on Brick Lane, where street artists come from around the world to show off their stuff.

This tour is not wheelchair-accessible.

Westminster Abbey

Monarchs have been crowned and buried here for 1,000 years. This is where Elizabeth I is buried alongside her sister Mary, and where Elizabeth II's funeral took place in 2022. It's also the burial place for many great figures in our nation's tapestry- writers like Charles Dickens and Geoffrey Chaucer, and scientists like Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

The Abbey is only partially accessible by wheelchair.

A History of The City

The City is London's oldest district, founded by the Romans 2,000 years ago. It's also the bit that's been burned down and bombed the most often. We're going to meet some of the culprits, and discover ancient runes, secret alleys, and overgrown ruins along the way.

This tour is only accessible for some wheelchair sizes.

Churchill War Rooms

Under the heart of British government in Whitehall, this secret WWII bunker lay untouched for decades. Now it's been reopened, perfectly preserved in every detail, even down to 80-year-old sugar cubes left in a desk drawer! This is where the top decisions were taken during the war while bombs and rockets fell above.

This tour is wheelchair-accessible.

Gruesome Tales For Grown-Ups

The tale of Smithfield is a tale of blood. Plague pits, surgery, graverobbing, and some of the worst execution methods the medieval mind could devise- it's all happened here. We're going to hear hair-raising true stories and walk through Smithfield's famous meat market. This one is not for the faint-hearted!

This tour is not wheelchair-accessible.

I Never Knew That About Westminster

This one is for seasoned Londoners, or people who already know the city well. We're going to hit all the big tourist spots- Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square- and utterly ignore them! Instead, we're going to find lesser-known stories hidden in the most photographed parts of town- abseilling lesbians, fascist HQs, and black abolitionists.

This tour is wheelchair-accessible.

Medieval Knights

In an old mansion in Marylebone, you'll find the best collection of armour and weapons anywhere in London. The walls are simply dripping with real swords, halberds, pikes, maces, crossbows and finely-crafted suits of armour straight out of Game of Thrones. But how do you actually fight in this stuff?

This tour is wheelchair-accessible.

Slavery & The City

The links between the City of London and the slave trade stretch back to its foundation as part of the Roman Empire. In this walk through London's financial district, we uncover stories of the enslaved among the modern-day skyscrapers and find out just where all that money ended up.

This tour is wheelchair-accessible.

Secrets of Covent Garden

The people of Covent Garden love theatre so much that they've rioted over it. The area is packed with dramatic stories about prima ballerinas, arsonists, and even a young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! I'll show you a secret alleyway that hasn't changed since the 1800s, and we'll visit a plague burial ground. Hold your nose!

This tour is wheelchair-accessible.

St. Paul's Cathedral

After the Great Fire of London in 1666, this glorious place rose from the city's ashes. There is nothing like this building in the country. I'll show you the burial place of the Duke of Wellington, and a secret that Christopher Wren hid inside the famous dome. As seen in the greatest movie of the 21st century, Paddington 2.

This tour is wheelchair accessible.

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