Public Walking Tours

Join me on a ready-made walk through one of my favourite parts of London!

Gruesome Tales For Grown-Ups

The tale of Smithfield is a tale of blood. Plague pits, surgery, graverobbing, and some of the worst execution methods the medieval mind could devise- it's all happened here. We're going to see a church where so many people have been buried that the ground level has risen around it. This one is not for the faint-hearted!    

This tour includes several steps down.

Secrets of Covent Garden

The people of Covent Garden love theatre so much that they've rioted over it. The area is packed with dramatic stories about prima ballerinas, arsonists, Victorian barrow boys, and even a young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! I'll show you a secret alleyway that hasn't changed since the 1800s, and we'll even visit a plague burial ground. Hold your nose!

This tour is wheelchair-accessible.

How To Be A Medieval Knight

In an old mansion in Marylebone, you'll find the best collection of armour and weapons anywhere in London. The walls are simply dripping with real swords, halberds, pikes, maces, axes, crossbows and finely-crafted suits of armour straight out of Game of Thrones. But how do you fight in this stuff? How much does it weigh? Let's find out!

This tour is wheelchair-accessible.

A Brief History of London

Want to get to know London in a short space of time? Lived here for years, but never explored its history? We're going run down the city's greatest hits, from the Romans to the Great Fire and the Swinging Sixties. With an expert hand (moi) to guide you through the whole thing, we'll zoom through 5,500 years of history in about two hours. Hold on to your hats!

This tour is wheelchair-accessible.